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Limited edition,
hand-signed wildlife prints

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Rachel Bigsby, Wildlife Photographer_edited.jpg

Considered to be a leading wildlife photographer amongst her contemporaries, Rachel Bigsby is a

26-year-old self-taught wildlife photographer carving an awe-inspiring career with her passion for seabirds and her flare for capturing natural artistry.

Rachel is a winner in five of the world’s most prestigious competitions, including as the winner of 'Natural Artistry' in Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the portfolio winner in Bird Photographer of the Year. She is also a Nikon creator, a published photographer by National Geographic, a photographer for the RSPB and the National Trust and an ambassador for Badger Trust.

Over a decade of diligence and creativity, fuelled by an inherited passion for the natural world, allows Rachel to connect a global audience to the species closest to her heart. Her photography transcends natural artistry and communicates raw beauty, stories of resilience, vulnerability and the irreplaceable value of our natural world. ​


Rachel's signature style united with her ethical documentation of wild species in their natural habitats is not only a testament to her creative skill, but her knowledge as a naturalist. 

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