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'The Fisherman'

'The Fisherman'

A limited edition* fine art print.

Signed by Rachel Bigsby, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Behind The Lens:

The Puffin is a remarkable fisherman, diving to depths of 60m and using their wings and feet to steer through the oceans to capture their prey. Sandeels are the most common prey species for Puffins, and are held firmly in the birds beak by a row of backward pointing spines called denticles. These spines allow the Puffins to gather approximately 10 fish per hunt, but have been recorded to gather 126 fish at one time! By removing the distraction of colour in my image, I have drawn immediate focus to the texture and light in this image, and encouraged an appreciation for the often unseen for detail in a Puffin’s face when dazzled by colour.


42 x 60 cm

(size is approximate due to varying image ratios)


Limited Edition:
1 of 100 prints


Each print is posted 'tracked and signed for' via Royal Mail.

Please allow up to 10 working days for UK delivery and 20 working days for international delivery. During periods of expedition or assignment, there may be a delay in dispatch.

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