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Work with Rachel Bigsby

In addition to her career as a wildlife photographer, Rachel is an influential public speaker, emerging natural history broadcaster, workshop leader and sought after guest for magazines, podcasts, career workshops and more.


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Rachel’s uniquely creative approach to wildlife photography held us captive from the moment we were first introduced to it. Her technical mastery of exposure and focus empower some truly beautiful compositions, the likes of which are rarely seen from someone so early in their career. She also has an innate and powerful ability to convey the obvious passion she has for her work when she speaks. Beyond her articulate, relatable explanation of her creative process, it is her sensitivity and feeling for her subjects that comes through so clearly in her words. She is a joy to listen to, and an inspiration to many'

- Nikon Europe

Artist. Presenter. Filmmaker. Speaker.
Working with the best.

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Summary of services

Wildlife Photography

For promotional purposes, ie, social media, websites, brochures, scientific documents etc.

Rachel is a multi-award winning wildlife photographer, Nikon creator, and contributing photographer for the RSPB and National Geographic.  Just some of her awards include ‘Winner of Natural Artistry in Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ and ‘Portfolio Winner in Bird Photographer of the Year’.

View Rachel's full portfolio of work.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Rachel is experienced in delivering sell-out wildlife photography workshops for both beginners and advanced levels, with an emphasis on seabird photography. Rachel’s personable and methodical approach to teaching allows workshop participants to discover new skills and refine current ones. Not only does Rachel run her own workshops, but she is entrusted to run workshops for Nikon Europe, Nansen Polar Expeditions, Aurora Expeditions and Shetland Nature.

Explore Rachel's upcoming wildlife photography workshops.

TV & Radio Broadcasting

As an emerging natural history broadcaster, Rachel brings the natural world into homes with television presenter credits for the likes of BBC The One Show, BBC Springwatch and upcoming work with Sky. She specialises in communicating her wildlife photography stories and passion for the natural world in an engaging and captivating way  taking viewers on an educational journey through the wild. Rachel’s presenting credits also include for Nikon Europe, Waterbear Network, BBC's Autumnwatch, Countryfile, Badger Trust, Benro and Nina Constable's 'Wild World' series.

Public Speaking & Lectures

As an experienced public speaker, holding solo lecture and discussion in prestigious venues such as The Natural History Museum, Global Bird Fair, The Photography Show and dozens more, Rachel is no stranger to adressing small to large crowds at events, universities and international festivals. Her variety of lectures cover a broad spectrum from educational to anecdotal, career based and everything in between.

Discover Rachel's upcoming events

Tourist Board, Brand & Charity Collaborations

Using her skills and platform, Rachel enjoys collaborating on projects that align with her vision and mission, creating visually stunning and inspiring content that will leave a lasting impression, whether that be helping to showcase the beauty of the natural world or a product that enables photographers to safely, practically and comfortably continue to tell their stories.

Content Creation

(For promotional purposes, ie, social media, websites and personal channels etc)

With a flourishing social media following of loyal fans across Instagram and Youtube, Rachel is in a fortunate position to inspire, teach and influence using her skills and platform.

Content creation in collaboration with Nikon Europe.

TV Broadcasting for BBC's The One Show

Content creation for wildlife charity, Badger Trust.

Public speaking at The Photography Show. 
Other audiences include; The Natural History Museum, The National Museum of Scotland, The National Outdoor Expo, Global Bird Fair, Delta Birding Festival, Kussamo Nature Festival and a variety of localised events.

Magazine interviews and publications. 
Including, National Geographic, WWF, Radio Times Magazine, RSPB, National Trust, BBC Wildlife Magazine, NPhoto Magazine


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