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'Spirit of the Arctic'

Considered to be a leading wildlife photographer amongst her contemporaries, Rachel Bigsby has achieved a wealth of accolades as a finalist in the five of the world's leading wildlife photography competitions by the age of just 26.

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Rachel Bigsby joins Nikon School's Neil Freeman to walkthrough using autocapture for wildlife, the latest feature to be added to the Z 9 in firmware version 4.00. In this video, they explore different ways to photograph the elusive badger, using autocapture to help create a truly unique image.

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‘Rachel’s uniquely creative approach to wildlife photography held us captive from the moment we were first introduced to it. Her technical mastery of exposure and focus empower some truly beautiful compositions, the likes of which are rarely seen from someone so early in their career.’

Read the latest 'field notes of a wild life' and news:

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