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A limited edition* fine art print.

Signed by Rachel Bigsby, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Behind The Lens:

Since most of my time in the Arctic was spent on the water, stepping foot on the land to encounter a herd of over one hundred Walrus felt like an immense privilege. I approached the beach very cautiously to avoid spooking the animals, and when I felt comfortable that they were unphased by my presence, I took out my camera and began to photograph. I started with a telephoto lens, but felt uninspired by the inactive and sluggish beasts. Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a gargantuan male lug toward the shore. As he dragged himself toward the herd, he paused, and icy waves crashed and thrashed against his blubbery back. Though framed against a staggeringly beautiful mountain backdrop, I felt that the image was lacking something creatively. So, taking an immense risk, I waded into the arctic waters and lowered my camera to the wet sand which glistened in the sun, creating an idyllic bokeh. As every wave hit the shore, I hastily lifted up my camera to safety, lowering it back down with the pulling back of the tide. I must’ve repeated this movement over forty times before the Walrus lifted its head upward, catching the sun on its face as in the exact moment that the waves crashed onto its body.


42 x 60 cm

(size is approximate due to varying image ratios)


Limited Edition:
1 of 500 prints


Each print is posted 'tracked and signed for' via Royal Mail.

Please allow up to 10 working days for UK delivery and 20 working days for international delivery. During periods of expedition or assignment, there may be a delay in dispatch.

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