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A limited edition* fine art print.

Signed by Rachel Bigsby, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Behind The Lens:

The Northern Fulmar is a seabird of myth and legend whose name in Old Norse translates to ‘Foul Gull’ in reference to the foul smelling stomach oil it spits out as a defensive mechanism when threatened. As a relative of the Albatross, these birds spend their lives voyaging the oceans on long glides and rapid, stiff wing beats. When they return to land, their cackles and cries can be heard echoing from our cliffs out toward the deepest oceans as they strengthen their monogamous bonds with neighbours and partners.


42 x 60 cm

(size is approximate due to varying image ratios)


Limited Edition:
1 of 500 prints

Each print is posted 'tracked and signed for' via Royal Mail.
Please allow up to 5 working days for UK delivery and 10 working days for international delivery.

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