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Brands and Partners

With the support and generosity of the below brands, Rachel has been able to increase the technical quality of her photography with access to unbeatable cameras, optics and support gear.

For this, Rachel is immensely grateful.


Rachel is a proud Nikon Creator and visionary artist, storytelling and exploring new ground with the Nikon mirrorless range and authorised to demonstrate to the public the capabilities and use of Nikon imaging products.


Since discovering her passion for wildlife photography in 2012, Rachel has only ever used Nikon. She adores the reliability, familiarity and capability of their equipment which has never failed her, even in the toughest of environments. Rachel uses the Nikon Z9, Nikon D850 and a variety of Nikon lenses.


Swarovski Optiks

Rachel was an Opinion Leader for Swarovski Optik Birding from 2021 - 2023. The purpose of her partnership with Swarovski was to begin to break down stereotypes and barriers for young women and girls within the birdwatching community. She used the CL Companion 8x30 binoculars to scope out her subject.

RSPB logo


Rachel is one of a small handful of official, contributing wildlife photographers for the RSPB, providing high quality, exclusive images that are used in publication and print. She was one of the first photographers recruited in several years, and specifically head-hunted for her unique, creative style and her impressive catalogue of seabirds.



Rachel is a partner to Benro, and very happily uses a selection of Benro products including the
Benro Tortoise 34CLV Levelling Tripod , GL2 Gimbal Head and Video Tripod .

She often relies on her tripods in challenging and slippery coastal conditions, but knows that their reliability won't ever let her down. Their lightweight makes carrying them to location a breeze, and their flexibility allows for easy setup on uneven cliffs, beaches and boulder fields.

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